Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Fabrics and a few WIPS

Just bringing a little taste of what we've got at the shop to your day.

You'll want to look a little closer at this one...

That's right. GLITTER!

I know this line is new. Check it out, turquoise and/or lime green fans.

Correct me if I am wrong, Wendy, but I think this line is called Summer Cabin, which is totally appropriate for a summer cabin quilt. Woodsy, earth tones, but some fun brights thrown in for variety of selection.



 I don't know if any of these are new, but I just love bright stuff for summer.


We have got some darling flannels in. If you haven't tried backing a quilt with quality flannel, you are missing out. It is so soft, and when it is not the junky $2 stuff with a horrible weave it is great to work with.

Work In Progress.

This is going to be a patriotic row of the month called Land that I Love. Come in to see the fabrics in real life. They are even prettier than the pictures! It will start the last Saturday of May. It is 66"x76". Sariah will teach, and she will also show how to add 6 more inches to make it a twin size. She designed this quilt, and you can now see the full flimsy with borders on our Quilt Cottage Facebook Page. I was a few hours too early to photograph it after completion. :)

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